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1. 40-40-20 Rule

2. Respect Your Recipient

3. Opt-in's Big Payoff

4. Think Like A Customer

5. Write Great Copy

6. Track Your Results

7. Test, Test, Test

Secret #1:  The 40-40-20 Rule

Never break the 40-40-20 rule. It's the most powerful secret for successful email campaigns every time. 40-40-20 means that direct marketing success depends:

  • 40% on a great list or
    the right media buy

  • 40% on a hot offer

  • And just 20% on creative

What this all adds up to is:

  • If you have a great list, hot offer and good creative, you win!

  • Good creative alone won't make you rich, when 80% of your success depends on list and offer.

  • A hot offer won't make you rich, when 60% of your success depends on list and creative.

  • And, a great list alone won't make you rich, when the other 60% of your direct marketing success depends on offer and creative.

I think you might start to see the underlying trend here. The secret to the 40-40-20 Rule is that you need all three aspects: list, offer, and creative working in concert. The reason this is a hard and fast rule is that it applies to every single direct marketing campaign regardless of whether it uses email, postal mail, radio, or television media.

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