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Radio + Instant Offers = Instant Sales

Increase sales of  anti-spyware software.
An immediate and dramatic increase in both site traffic, demo downloads and sales. The double opt-in Instant Offer and nag emails sustained the sales increase beyond the completion of the radio run.
I collaborated with Leadgenaires, Pest Patrol's advertising agency, to create a campaign that significantly increased sales of Pest Patrol's anti-spyware software. I created a strategy that combined Instant Offer Email with a network direct response radio campaign. The radio spots drove massive traffic to the Pest Patrol website for a free PestScan to reveal how badly the listeners' PCs were infected with spyware.  In addition to creating the media strategy, I also scripted the radio spots, directed their production and wrote the Instant Offer Email campaign that was an integral part of this campaign's spectacular success. Listen to the radio spots below.

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