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Increase sales leads and brand awareness for XMetaL and xfi.
Increased sales meetings by 200%

JustSystems had an aggressive plan to unseat its two main rivals. Our mission was to generate leads among V and D-level prospects who have document management system buying influence. Teaming up with Riley Design Associates, JustSystems' agency, we deployed Triple Play Lead Gen campaigns which featured direct mail envelope package, self-mailer, email, landing pages and a fabulous executive gift offer. Our Don't Fly Solo theme offered authentic aviator sunglasses and an exciting aerobatic flight in an actual World War II vintage warbird.

Triple Play is an integrated lead generation campaign specifically designed to defeat spam cops and get past gatekeepers. It combines Custom database building with telephone pre-qualification, direct mail dimensional and envelope packages, email, executive gifts, customized landing pages plus post campaign telesales into a formidable team with the sole purpose of getting sales meetings. Triple Play results speak for themselves.


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